We started making goat milk soap for our children, who were suffering from plaque psoriasis. Our children were on prescription medications and using store bought soaps, but we weren’t seeing any improvements. After reading an article in the dermatologist office about goat milk soap and its benefits for the skin, I went home, did some more reading, and bought a few goats!  We learned how to make health conscience soap. Our children quickly saw improvements in their skin and so we continued to use our homemade goats milk soap. Now, our children have healthy, plaque psoriasis-free skin without the use of prescriptions or over the counter creams. They use our soap daily and we haven’t looked back. We knew we had to share this amazing goat milk soap with the world, so, in 2012 Wharton Farms Soap and Skincare was born.

Our Mission is to provide you with nourishing, mineral and vitamin rich, goat milk soap and skincare products.

Our Values:

  • Providing you with a chemical free product
  • Fragrance free
  • Using eco-friendly and recyclable packaging
  • Animal free testing
  • Humane and sustainable farming

  •  Using fresh goat’s milk
  • Using the best and most gentle ingredients
  • Loving our goats completely
  • Hugging our goats daily