Our Farm

After moving to Tennessee, due to the needs of the military, we started our little farm with just a few chickens. Later, we added some goats.

While sitting in the waiting room at my sons dermatologist appointment I read an article about dairy goats and the benefits of their milk, from healing eczema and psoriasis along with the healing affects it has on the body.

With my children having a form of eczema, and psoriasis, I new that adding goats to our farm was a great idea.

Soon after, we learned how to make soap using our goats’ milk. We started using it and within weeks we noticed a major difference in our children’s skin. We took away all synthetic soaps and creams, and haven’t looked back since. Seeing the results, we knew that we needed to share this amazing milk and all the products we make, with the rest of the world.

Our Goats:

Our Goats are treated with the utmost respect. In the mornings we wake up and milk them, and in the afternoon, we use the milk to make Wharton Farms goat milk soap for you. Yes, we use fresh goat’s milk; the same milk that we use to make yogurt, cheese, and ice cream for our family. We feed them twice a day, as well as let them graze in the pasture throughout the day. They play with our four children and Sadie, their LGD. We give them hugs and kisses and tell them that we all make a great team. They are, and will always be, a great Goat Milk Soap Team!

Our Soap:

Our soaps are handcrafted in small batches without the use of harsh chemicals, artificial dyes, perfumes, and unnatural preservatives. Each bar, each scent, is created with thought and knowledge about the ingredients within. We use organic essential oils, herbs, flowers, and spices.

Made with pure 100% Goat Milk Love